Verity Creative Agency is existing in a different from other digital creator platforms have to offer. We are working to integrate today’s digital creator-driven marketing paradigm into the way that luxury branding works, having maintained a traditional methodology. We call them Social Strategists. The digital platform has become saturated with “influencers” who have come to be known as just taking pictures of themselves in an outfit they think will track brands. We aim to be different, therefore making our strategists different.

Giza for Trend Privé Magazine Image Credit: Rocky Macchiato

The connections that we make, the people and the brands we work with, drive us to excellence as a luxury agency for Creatives and Social Strategists. Not only do we do extensive media outreach with our publishing partners, we also are able to offer a range of opportunity that current influencer agencies can’t.

You, are the key to our success and we are the key to your success. Without the proper guidance and proper tools, neither sides can become who we want to be. We want to be the agency that has a proven track record to help our Social Strategists evolve into that brand they desire to be.