There is a trove of undiscovered Creatives and Social Strategists alike that the public needs to hear and know about. Our aim is to share them with the world.

Verity PR and Creative announces our Social Strategist Program, where we help new to midstream influencers, from Instagram divas to WWW-verse bloggers attain a high status level. 

With our branding services, experience and outreach capabilities, whether you have 500 followers or 50k we’ll help you build not only your numbers, but more importantly your social media status with our team of talented social media specialists. 

Image by Daniel Perry Studios

If you want to take your presence in the industry even further, both on and offline, take a look at our top tier program, Prive Society. We vett the best of our best to present the opportunity to attend exclusive events, be the face of specific brands, and to represent the magazine itself in prestigious situations.

Contact us today to be a part of this one of a kind program

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