Brand Partnerships

We feel that an effective partnership can be established where the benefits of both the new voice (directly connected to audience, real time storytelling, constantly updated imagery) and the old (established branding, sense of exclusivity, arms length appeal) can play nice together. Our absolute understanding of both allows us to unite the two for the benefit of both the brand and the influencer for profitability and upscaling. 

We provide partnerships with brands such as Image Skincare, Tenth Street Hats and more.

Francine Auraujo for Image Skincare
Tasia Sli for Tenth Street Hats


We offer a wider spectrum of branding services, such as campaign images photographed by photographers from around the world, exclusive publishing partners, a network of industry professionals with decades of experience creating top shelf content within the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries, and more.

We will put together an effective press release, product collaborations, media services, and events all in a way to maximize your exposure. For those Social Strategists that need a new look, we will help your brand by giving your brand an overhaul.

Through our extensive media outreach with publishing partner Trend Privé Magazine, we can offer a direct line to the fastest growing niche in lifestyle, Sustainability. 

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