Iza Melo

Iza Melo is a Brazilian born, 27-year-old Blogger. She is passionate about fashion, makeup, animals, food, and travel in which she shares on her social media channels. Iza is enthusiastic about exploring New York City and showing all her adventures on Instagram. She has partnered with brands like Neutrogena, Sigma Beauty, Urban Decay, Ofra Cosmetics, and many more.
Iza started blogging by sharing her makeup looks and tips on social media because her friends would constantly ask her to do so.  Shortly after, she started doing makeup tutorials on YouTube and received so much positive feedback she kept going.
Because she suffered many years of low self-esteem, she eventually fell into depression. The interaction with the public and finding time to do what she loves helped her overcome this issue. She is also very faithful to God and believes he led her into blogging to save her.
“I cannot see myself without blogging. It was a hobby for me in the beginning, but I now see this as an opportunity to make it my only full-time job, as I love it so much and means a lot to me.” Iza Melo
Client: Iza Mela