Fran Araüjo

Francine Araú jo is a Digital Influencer, creating content for both Instagram and YouTube. With over 50,000 followers on Instagram, she shares pictures of her stylish outfits and her favorite hair and beauty products. She documents Instagram stories of events like New York Fashion Week.

Her YouTube page expands on her love for beauty and fashion, where she creates a colorful array of videos: fashion hauls, styling videos, and hair and makeup tutorials. Her vlogs give us an inside look into her life as well. Francine is a proud Brazilian, and she’s been living in the U.S.–she calls New Jersey her home–for the past two years.

When she’s not working, creating content for her social media pages, or collaborating with brands, she’s dedicating her time to her home, her family, and her self. That is, she loves spending her days off taking care of her house, spending time with her loved ones, and dedicating one day of the week for nail-, hair-, and skincare!

Images courtesy of Francine Ara ú jo’s Instagram