Caravan Stylist Studio

Located inside the Gregory Hotel, located in Midtown. They cater to
celebrities, influencers and media folks that come to the space to
receive complimentary beauty and styling services courtesy of the
brand partners that we showcase among the Studio.

Guests of the studio book appointments prior to a Red Carpet
appearance, morning show segment, TV appearance, special event,
editorial or photo shoot in exchange for engaging with the brands on a few touch points.

On top of the appointments, we also host programming including: · 
Influencer Shoots that they can use Caravan to get styled and glam’d,
prime’d and photo ready·  Editorial Shoots where we host the shoot
either in the Studio or the Gregory Hotel itself – the roof makes a great backdrop for various textures with photos·  FB Live Segments – from
various publications and notable people·  Live and Recorded Podcasts·  TV Segments that are filmed within the studio·  Special Events – Trunk
Shows, Influencer and Celeb Events, Brand Events (outside of the
studio Partners)