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“‘One of my biggest beliefs is ‘enhancing the beauty and not replacing it’. I love very clean, sophisticated, modern makeup that has a distinctive glamour. Which is why I started in the cosmetic field. I like to bring a signature look that brings out the natural beauty in my clients.’

After working for various cosmetic brands such as Lancôme, La Mer, Bobbi Brown, Dior, Chanel, YSL, La Prairie, and many other brands inside stores such as Bloomingdales and Sephora Canada, Mauridi sharpened her skills as a makeup artist and skincare specialist. She also dedicated years of education and hands-on training — studying in Canada, and D.C. — to learn from some of the best in the business. This has led her to work across many areas including commercial print, fashion, television, video, red carpet and with local celebrities.

She believes that great makeup begins with great skin.  If the skin is amazing, everything elsewill fall into place. After cleansing, toning, and moisturizing, makeup should enhance the natural characteristics of your beauty while keeping the face authentic. It should never replace your beauty to the point of not recognizing yourself. She is more than just a makeup artist, She is an activist for beauty and health. Skin is the biggest organ of our body and they should take care of each other and she treats her customer’s skin like it’s her very own.

Because she had to undergo a series of skin cancer treatments, Mauridi wanted to become the voice to help those who were also dealing with skin diseases. Mauridi felt they needed the extra helping hand. Mauridi makes sure every attention to detail and ingredients are met in all of Mauridi skin care products. Each product is free of parabens, non-comedogenic and cruelty-free from animal testing.

In addition to herself and talented team of makeup artists, they make it their mission to teach and show what natural beauty every woman has inside by providing tutorials in makeup applications and a healthy skin care regimen. Every client gets the 5-star treatment with my HI-end Botanical skin care and makeup line.

Because of this philosophy and approach, Mauridi stays in high demand.”

Mulibinge Mauridi

Founder & CEO

Mauridi Cosmetic LLC