Cheeia Xiong- Notes On Being an Influencer

Cheeia Xiong runs Notes by Cheeia has been blogging for quite some time now and her favorite part about being an influencer is just being able to connect with people and make new friendships. She is a people person and it shows in her platform which she loves that it has given her the opportunity to connect with some amazing individuals.

She is a lifestyle photographer aside from blogging. She loves photography and believes photos can really tell a story and connect you with people. She creates her own content from start to finish, from what to wear, location, time, everything is done by Cheeia with the help of her husband.

Cheeia states “what I have learned is that first, you have to stay true to yourself so you don’t get burnout! A lot of times, people create content for likes and comments and then stop doing it because they don’t enjoy it.” She also says that although it is important to create content that people will enjoy and appreciate, she measures her success not through how many likes she receives or comments there are. “I pay attention to how people respond by taking action! I learned that when people love your work, they will go the extra mile by re-sharing it- personally sending you a message you, and how they can do it like me. That tells me more about what kind of contents I need to deliver- It has to be a two-way street; me and my customer.”

She is a big Target fan who is a regular shopper there and would love to work with them. She wants to work with brands that moms are familiar with them and work with brands that are recognizable. When she first started blogging she was just working with any size brands, but now is stricter because It does take a lot of time to create, and would rather do it for brands that will help her grow professionally.

Another brand she loves is Free People, as you can see from her images,  her closet is practically Free People. Her signature look is a Free People outfit with Lack of Colors hat brand, she owns every hat color.

Cheeia’s biggest failure was how she stopped blogging for 3-4 years. she gave up on it because she felt it wasn’t going anywhere and quit too soon. So she revamped things and promised herself that she would do it for herself and not for anything or anyone else, and just like that things started happening. Stay committed and never give up. It’s all about the hustle even when you might not see the results right away.

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